Jofemar Corporation

Jofemar Corporation is a family-owned business group based in Peralta (Navarra). On the solid basis of industrial manufacturing, the Group designs, manufactures and markets, through its different business units, a wide range of innovative technological solutions for the vending, energy, electric mobility and health industries. It integrates two other brands, Sentil and V2C, through which the Group operates vending and PPE machines all over Spain. The structure is completed with Futura, specializing in developing solutions for points of sale in the catering and Horeca industries. Its success lies in the constant investment in R&D, which currently exceeds the 8% of the group’s annual turnover. The pursuit of a solution to possible power outages of vending machines has allowed our engineers to gradually acquire the proper knowledge and expertise to develop auxiliary power systems, mainly through lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

With over 270 employees and presence in more than 84 countries on the five continents, the Group is positioned as a worldwide technological leader thanks to its constant investment in R&D, its commitment to innovation and the know-how of its entire workforce. Through six national brand offices, four commercial subsidiaries located in the United States, France, England and Brazil and an official network of over 60 distributors, Jofemar Corporation ensures the best technical assistance and support anywhere.

Our values

  • Constant innovation in products and services.
  • Flexibility to meet the market needs.
  • Passion for what we do.
  • Working spirit, responsibility and effort.
  • Initiative and new ideas.
  • Global thinking.
  • Sustainability.
  • Social Responsibility.

Related Projects

  • Power Flow: Research and development project whose main objective was to study Zn-Br Flow Battery technologies. This initiative was funded by CDTI and Government of Navarra (50% fondos FEDER).
  • Flow Grid: Development of a 60 kWh zinc-bromide flow battery for storage of excess energy production coming from renewable energies and its integration onto Smart Grids. Flow Grid is co-financed by CDTI and EEA Grants, the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, promoted by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in order to reduce economic and social disparity within the European framework at the same time as it strengthens bilateral relations between Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and the 15 Beneficiary States.
  • Electrification of special vehicles.
  • Activities carried out through the R+D department, such as:
    • Technical support to Jofemar Electromobility in order to develop a new concept for the electrical vehicle based on the transformation of internal combustion engine vehicles.
    • R&D Electrochemical Department: Research and development of Energy Storage solutions for microgrids, renewable energies and mobile applications, among others.
    • Computer applications, development of software and applications and telemetry systems related to the vending machines.
    • Development of hardware for the machine’s electronics as well as the diagrams for the production plant both for Printed Circuit Boards and wiring.
    • Payments systems and Public telephone systems, research and develop currency analysis and handling systems and the public telephones.
    • Mechanical advances associated with all Jofemar products.
    • Vending machines logical systems.
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