Work schedule

  • Preparatory actions: The objective is to obtain all the required Permits and licenses to start the operation of the Factory Microgrid in Peralta (JOFEMAR).
  • Construction of the microgrid in Jofemar’s factory in Peralta. CENER and Jofemar will be responsible for the selection of suppliers, the description of the technical requirements and the design and construction of the microgrid. It will also be held an energy audit to determine and establish the 'environmental' starting point of the project. CENER will coordinate the development of management and control strategies of the smartgrid.
  • First implementation phase will operate with 300 kWh of Zn-Br flow batteries, developed by Jofemar. CENER will coordinate the activities of this phase, whose main objective is to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of ZnBr flow batteries and energy management strategies of the microgrid.
  • Second implementation phase: Factory Microgrid will be completed with another module of the Zn-Br flow batteries to increase storage capacity (+ 200kWh). Moreover, this implementation will integrate prototypes of 6 10kW bidirectional charging points and 6 EVs to allow V2G, as well as a 50kW fast charging point. JOFEMAR will coordinate this phase. The objective is to demonstrate the benefits of integrating energy storage from the vehicles (V2G) into the microgrid and the benefits of large batteries to mitigate load peaks due to fast charge of EVs.
  • Parameterization of Factory Microgrid for future replications. The objective is to provide a guide and tools for sizing and operation of microgrids in factories. CENER will coordinate this action.
  • Monitoring of the impact of the project action: for the one hand, monitoring of the environmental benefits of the project and, on the other hand, monitoring every aspect regarding socioeconomic impact of the project. A second energy audit will be performed to determine environmental impact of the Factory Microgrid.
  • Communication and Dissemination: Project results will be presented and discussed at different sectorial forums and conferences. Moreover, detailed information on the project will be available in the project web page, including Technical Publications, Leaflets & Brochures and Laymas’s report.
  • Project Management. The objective is to make possible the adequate co-ordinating organisation of the project, necessary to assure and/or establish communication flow and reporting to the EC, project follow-up (project progress control and planning), decision making procedures and networking and interaction with third parties.
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