Main environmental benefits

  • Enhance the use of renewables, photovoltaic and wind, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Decrease the power peak consumption and provide ancillary services, increasing grid reliability, reducing the need of reserve generation capacity in the electric system (gas, carbon and fuel plants).
  • Decrease the energy consumption due to management of dispatchable loads, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Reduce the use of land for electric generation as Factory Microgrid uses the entire Factory area.
  • Reduce the transmission and distribution losses.
  • Transport electrification, which is particularly advantageous when electricity mix comes from low CO2 origin.

That said, through FACTORY MICROGRID, Jofemar will offer customized microgrid systems designed to meet their clients’ specific needs. These technologies will optimize the relationship between energy generation and energy consumption at their factories. Microgrids will be equipped with an intelligent management system which will make them suitable for each customer’ energy consumption profile. In addition, the system foresees different variables such as working shifts, seasonality, production peaks or climatology.

Through this business unit Jofemar develops an individually designed microgrid which allows customers to increase the reliability of its energy supply service, with fewer outages and increased control of the specific use of the consumed energy, while lowering their operational costs. This cost reduction is maximized due to the flattening of the demand curve through the reduction of the peak energy consumption, achieved by shifting consumption from dispatchable loads to off-peak demand periods or peak production of renewable. Another economic advantage is also operative, as the connection and disconnection of dispatchable loads can be managed remotely. This allows customers to plan preventive maintenance, reducing disruptions in service and contributing to early fault detection, which, in turn, increases the working life of the equipment.

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